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I’m happy to say that I’m at a moment in my life in which I feel I don’t need anything. I have everything I want.
That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals, wishes, things I would love to do, places I would like to go, but overall I’m happy.
I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas or not. I particularly like to give things to my children but also donate to a charity. My favorite is still Imagine1day, a charity based in Canada that builds schools in Ethiopia.
If you enjoy giving or getting presents, I made a list of things you could possibly ask Santa, or give away to friends and family. If is not for Christmas it could perfectly serve well for birthdays.
A black doll. Fortunately there are plenty of black dolls available now, al least in the US. From affordable black Barbie dolls to more sophisticated (and expensive) collector dolls.

Barbie Princess Charm School Rahel Doll from Ethiopia
Makeda doll Benny doll by Iple House

Oh, and don’t forget there are male dolls too!

Denzel doll by Iple House  Mattel Barbie & The Diamond Castle Prince Jeremy Ken Doll (AA)

Or you can always make your own doll.

A good book. Again plenty to choose from, from novels to biographies, from adult books to children books there are many about Ethiopian culture.

How to Read the air The Garbage King

Good Ethiopian music. From traditional to modern.
BTW, Krar Collective has an offer valid until December 31st; buy a CD album and you will receive a Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia for free!

Ethiopiques Vol. 1 Krar Collective

An Ethiopian traditional dress to celebrate Genna or maybe some modern clothes inspired by Ethiopian culture. Maybe you can find a store in your town or buy them online.

Ethiopian dress Bella Patio Dress by Lemlem

Ethiopian Accessories. Scarves, shoes, etc.

Ishi Scarf Sole Rebels sandals

Ethiopian arts and crafts. Jewelry, paintings, baskets, etc.

Ethiopian necklace cross painting
Ethiopian necklace basket

Ethiopian food. A good meal, injera, spices, coffee, etc.

Taste of Ethiopia, Ethiopian food Ethiopian coffee
Berbere Teff flour

And last but not least…

An Ethiopian movie.

13 Months of Sunshine A walk to beautiful

Melkam Genna!