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 cocoa-butter I’ve talked about how delicate is the skin of my black kids in a previous post.
This time is Feven the one that’s having problems with hers. She has some kind of mild rash all over the body that feels like sand paper.
At first I though it could be scarlet fever since Feromsa had it recently, but she didn’t had the fever or nothing in her chest and back so maybe it’s just dry skin…

Even though I put lotion all over her body every day, the “texture” of her skin doesn’t change at all and it’s specially bad on her face since she also rubs food on it every time she eats and she drools all the time and well… the infamous snot that comes from that cold that doesn’t seem to go away. And to add to all of this, she scratched her cheek last week while climbing the wooden playground in our backyard.
I wash her face many times during the day and reapply lotion but with no success.
Yesterday when I went grocery shopping I’ve decided to buy a cocoa butter based lotion since one of my readers suggested it was good for the scars, but it also says on the bottle that it’s very good for dry skin. When I was a child, we used it on our lips, but I didn’t know then that it can be used all over your body.

Well, go figure! It’s been amazing on her skin and in just a few applications her face improved a lot, I mean, A LOT! really…
So thanks for the tip Lille Skvat !
Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa bean and it has and ivory color and the characteristic smell of chocolate. It’s used to make food products but also in cosmetics like lotions or soaps. It’s natural, prevents scars, it’s good to sooth rough and dry skin and some people say that prevents skin aging and cancer.
But the best is that now she smells like real chocolate! Yum!