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Africa Dream

This time, I brought from the library three books for children related to Africa. The first book, Africa Dream was written by Eloise Greenfield and illustrated by Carole Byard. This is a book that won the Coretta Scott King Award in 1978 as well as many others and tells the story of a girl who dreams about Africa. In her dreams she travels to the continent and is able to experience amazing things, like meeting with old relatives or reading ancient books. Eloise Greenfield is a well known African American author that has written many books for children that I’m sure we will read over time. The black and white illustrations of Carole Byard are truly beautiful, she’s also the illustrator of a book I wrote about a while ago, Cornrows.

Masai and I

In the book Masai and I the main character, also an African American girl, instead of travelling to Africa in a dream, does it “daydreaming”. From a school project in which she learns about East Africa,  she starts to imagine how her life would be if she was living in Africa among the Masai people. She compares her daily activities as a western African American girl to those she would be carrying out in Africa. By the end of the book she feels a connection with her ancestors continent, and no matter where she lives, she still would look the same, in Africa and in America. This book was written by Virginia Kroll and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.
I lost my Tooth in AfricaThe last book, I lost my tooth in Africa, was written by Penda Diatiké and illustrated by Baba Wagué Diatiké and it’s based in a true story. I think this story is perfect for my children, since the author, an African American woman, also lives in Portland, Oregon. In one of her visits to her family’s country, Mali, she witnessed how her little sister lost her tooth. From there she created a beautiful book about African traditions, family, imagination and a little bit of magic.
I will now be able to tell them how the African tooth fairy rewards a child in Mali every time he/she looses a tooth!