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cakeFirst of all I want to thank all the comments and e-mails that all of you sent me. The love I received is incredible and for those who are still waiting for a referral or a Court date i send you all my support and the advise to keep busy and positive.
Said that and now that we have passed the Court and are very close to see our children, we can relax and celebrate in the way that we like, with family.
We baked a lemon cake with Dylan and we filled it with “dulce de leche” (milk caramel, traditional sweet spread from Argentina) with white frosting on the outside that we decorated with an Ethiopian flag. Yes, I know it’s not “professional” but it tasted great! Yummy!
Patriotic cupcakesDylan loves very sweet cakes and cupcakes. A couple of weeks ago we baked together some “patriotic” cupcakes as we called them, with the flags of Ethiopia, Argentina and USA.
I had to left for some other time the flag of Mexico (for my mother), Italy (for my father and me) and some others like Russia, Poland and Chile for other relatives that contributed to the family heritage because we had made enough mess already with just three.
Besides we ended with some belly pain from so much sweet things…
We will have time to cook more cakes, to celebrate more birthdays and get tired of eating delicious food!

Ethiopia cupcake Argentina cupcake USA cupcake

This next Friday we have a baby shower at Miguel’s work and the 21st of November the second annual meeting for parents who have adopted or are going to adopt from Ethiopia in the Portland area. There is going to be Ethiopian food, a coffee ceremony and games for the kids. So, it’s going to be a great way to celebrate before going to pick up the children.
We decided to arrive to Ethiopia a couple of days earlier that the appointment in the American embassy, first of all because we want to have the possibility to see our children earlier, second because it’s when we found cheaper airline tickets and better connections and finally because we want to see the city with Dylan before we devote all our time to be with Feven and Feromsa. Besides I don’t know when we are going to have the chance to come back but I guess it won’t be soon, so we better make the most of our trip. 
Now it’s time to get everything ready. I’m sure I will leave something behind…