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Captain UnderpantsMaybe most of you already heard about the children’s book famous hero Captain Underpants, but I’m sure you never heard of the female version that goes by the name Captain Under Panties, or simply Captain Panties…
Well, a new hero has been born and her alternate identity is Feven (Oops! I guess I shouldn’t have said that…)
Lately I’ve been thinking about buying some sleep caps to keep Feven’s hair from getting tangled during the night, but it is hard to find something that fits and stays put in any regular store. I know that there are some sleep caps you can buy over the internet, but the other day I had my sewing machine at hand and was kind of bored, so I decided to try to make one.
Mmmm, what can I use that is elastic, comfortable, breathable and stays in place…
Oh, yes, you guessed right… a panty.
Since Feven can’t oppose to my crazy ideas yet, I grabbed a panty and in two minutes I sewed a perfect sleep cap with enough room for big hair!
I know, it doesn’t look very neat but it was just a try to see if my idea worked, and it did!!
Just two minutes, really. Maybe in ten I can make something nicer…
Maybe you are laughing right now, but come on! I come from a country where one gets used to come up with things from the craziest places.
And here is the new cartoon Super-heroine: 

Feven - Captain Panties