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Captain EthiopiaFeromsa is into superheroes. He has seen all the Spiderman movies, some of the Superman and Batman series, Iron Man, and Hulk.
He and Feven like to play superhero games, and to rescue each other from “dangerous” situations or attacks from evil characters. The two really get along very well, they are at the same time best friends and worst enemies Smile
Feromsa lately got interested in Captain America too and asked for a costume. So I got the idea of sewing superheroe suits for him and his sister and at the same time create two new characters.
I asked Feromsa if he was interested in becoming “Captain Ethiopia” and he got very excited. I bought the fabric and with the help of a pattern I got into business!
It wasn’t easy, I’m not expert in the sewing thing, but little by little a new superhero was born… or two: Captain Ethiopia and Ethiogirl !
The world needs an African superhero.
The costumes still need some improvement, but the kids are using them everyday, all day for playing so I don’t know if they will let me finish them…
Now Feromsa wants to see the Captain Ethiopia movie! I had to tell him that there is not one… for now! Winking smile
Captain Ethiopia and Ethiogirl Captain EthiopiaEthiogirl