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Pink and SayIf you’re looking for children books that have a multiracial view and promote understanding of other people’s culture, Patricia Polacco is the perfect author.
She has been writing and illustrating children books for a while now and she has received many awards. She’s an excellent illustrator who combines beautiful drawings with water colors.
You can find her books in any library, since she’s quite popular, and there are many of them that portrait African American characters.
Since she comes from a family of Russian immigrants with Jewish and Christian backgrounds, she’s very sensitive to multicultural influences and that is perfectly reflected on her books.
Mr Lincoln's WayExamples of books with African American characters are Pink and Say, the story of two soldiers, one white, one black, that is retold from generation to generation to never forget Pinkus Aylee, the African American kid that lost his life in a country divided by war and racism.
Mr. Lincolns’ way is a book where an African American teacher handles the subject of hate and racism with compassion and turns around the life of a troubled boy.
But there are many other books by Patricia, many translated to Spanish, that also show understanding of our differences and love for all human beings.

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