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Nappy hairThere are a few books for children that talk about hair. They are specially written for African American kids but any child can enjoy them.
We know how big is the “hair thing” among black girls and how many prejudices people have about it, so this is the subject of a few children books, some of them really beautifully written and illustrated.
The first one is  Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron. Many of you probably don’t know anything about it but there was a big controversy some years ago when a teacher decided to use it as reading material in an Elementary School to teach about acceptance and tolerance. If you are interested to know what happened then, here is a link.
I love my hairAnyway, my opinion is that this book is beautiful, it tells the story of a black girl with “nappy” hair and it’s narrated in a way that reflects the culture of the African community in America. It’s funny, has rhythm, it has nice illustrations and it’s a glimpse into the culture that our children belong to. I really liked it.
Another book about hair for children is I love my Hair! by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley. The story is narrated by a girl that tells about how her mother combs her hair every night before going to bed and how she loves her hair comparing it to soft yarn, rows of plants in a garden, a forest and even to Happy to be nappywings which she says one day will use to fly away. It’s a sweet book that tells children about self acceptance.
The book Happy to be Nappy by Bell Hooks is a very positive and cute book that children seem to love (at least mine do!) and even little kids can enjoy, with colorful watercolor illustrations.
There are also three others I’ve checked, Wild, Wild Hair by Nikki Grimes, Cornrows by Wild, wild hairCamille Yarbrough and Nappy by Charisse Carney-Nunes.
Wild, wild hair is more adequate for a child that is beginning to read. It tells the story of a girl that every Monday morning has to go through the ritual of letting her mother braid her hair and how she hides to avoid it; but in the end she loves the way she looks.
Cornrows is not only about hair but about family, love, black heritage and history and it has such wonderful black and white drawings that is worth buying just for that. Really, really beautifully illustrated book. While a grand Cornrowsmother braids the hair of her grandchildren, she tells them the story and tradition behind the different hairstyles of African people and how proud they should feel about their heritage.
The last book I read is Nappy. This book also has a background of African American history. A mother tells her daughter that even when she has a “break the comb” nappy hair and doesn’t want to get her hair done there are Nappymany  proud and strong black people just like her that helped change America like Rosa Parks or Angela Davis.
There are some other books out there about this subject and others that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. Once I read them I will post my opinion.
I’ve been reading these books (and many others) to Feromsa and he loves them, for him it is a new world that is opening and is pure magic! He can’t get enough of reading.
So it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to show him so many positive stories that are related to his black heritage. Soon I will be reading them to Feven too.