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I’ve mentioned before that I was writing and illustrating a book for children. I haven’t forgotten about it, the book is finally taking shape!
After trying a lot of techniques, I settled for mixed media: collage, water colors, acrylics & pastels. I still have a long way to go to decide how and if I’m going to make a printed version or only a digital version, though.
The thing about printing is that it can be very expensive to do it on your own and it’s hard to find a publisher. Nowadays there are many sites that offer publishing services, like Blurb or Lulu, but a quality book will turn out quite expensive and I don’t think people will be interested in buying it; maybe something to print on demand. I’m getting more and more inclined to make a Kindle version, or even an iPod/iPad app.
I know that a picture book is more suitable for traditional printing, but…

As I said before, the book is aimed to Ethiopian children living abroad and I wanted to create something simple highlighting the positive aspects of the country. It’s not a book about adoption, but about Ethiopian culture and about feeling proud of it.
I’m not from Ethiopia but I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of that country and I wanted to have something to share with my Ethiopian children.
I really need to mention a wonderful couple who has been helping me to finish the text in Amharic.
I wrote the Spanish/English version but had no way of writing the Amharic version. Here is where these two angels came to help. They are Maribel and Hamu, from Spain/Ethiopia who were kind enough to translate the text for me when I asked them.
If you don’t know them already, they are the founders of Ethioespanoles.org, a group dedicated to bring together the culture of Ethiopia and Spain.
They are already offering Amharic classes in the city of Santander and their project is to build a community of people who shares their passion for Ethiopia and its culture.
I have to specially thank Hamu for the Amharic version of the book, THANK YOU!

I still have to decide how to arrange the three languages. Maybe three different versions of the book? Maybe two bilingual books: English/Amharic and Spanish/Amharic? A trilingual book?
I’m so excited!! But I’m also a bit scared…
And I wish I had more time!

A teeny, tiny sneak peek. A detail of one of the illustrations:

Book Illustration Detail: Collage & Watercolors