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UpdateThis is just a short post to talk about the recent updates of this blog. Even when I’m not posting that often, I still keep working in things related to the blog.
Finally I’ve finished posting the list of Ethiopian names from A to Z.
Phew, what a job! It’s a very first approach to the subject and from now on I will recheck every letter, try to add what I left behind and check mistakes or typos. If any of you have suggestions or additions, please let me know.
I also plan to make a .pdf file with the list so you can download it and read it offline, but I can’t say for sure when it will be ready since I’m kind of busy right now.
Making the list was a great way to finally learn the Amharic alphabet and how to type it in my keyboard!
I also kept adding books, DVDs and music CDs to my list of materials related to Ethiopia, adoption and other subjects that can be interesting for adoptive parents.
It’s amazing how often I discover a new and interesting book to read and share!
I also want to make a list of articles that you can find online, but again, don’t know when I will be able to do it…
I’ll be back to posting about things related to Ethiopia and their culture as soon as I can, right now I’m posting more about our family life.
So, that’s it for now and I’m going back to my job as a mom!