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newsI’ve been having some problems with pages/posts lately and sometimes it takes me a while until I notice a page has “disappeared” so if anyone finds out that something is missing please send me a comment and I will try to fix the problem.
We are working in a new blog with Miguel because I’m kind of tired of WordPress and LiveWriter, but it will take a while until we have it up and running. Now, you can access the blog from the regular address or from http://www.roadtoethiopia.com/.
Another thing I wanted to mention are the comments. I expect some kind of compromise and honesty from people writing in my blog, so a valid email address/website is required to make a comment and please, don’t sign it with “anonymous”, “a mom”, a reader” or something similar. I accept and love all kind of opinions but I don’t like people insulting me or other readers just because they don’t agree with me/them, so please be polite.
I’m still updating the Ethiopian names list and I’ve corrected some mistakes, but if anyone finds an error, again, please let me know.
I’m working in some other stuff I will add to the blog like a mini-shop with art/crafts I’m making but frankly my free time is so limited now that I don’t know when it will available.
I have plenty of material to post, I specially like to talk about books, art and movies I’ve read or seen about Ethiopia and Africa in general, but I’m also starting to research more the subject of African Americans, Race/Racism and multiracial families, so I will post about that too.
I wish I have more time for the blog but with three kids is really difficult, specially since I don’t have help at home.
But I will keep writing anyway so keep reading!