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Since I’m in the middle of learning to make braids and cornrowns, I’ve started to need to use beading tools. Usually I prefer to buy things at any local store instead of buying online and then waiting for them to arrive in the mail. And when I can I make the tools myself.
Usually to insert beads into a braid or strand of hair you use something called beader or beading tool and it looks like this:
beader You insert the beads on the small end in the order that you want. Once you have all of them lined up, you just insert the braid inside the loop. With one hand you hold the braid and with the other you push the beads until they are the hair passes through all of them. Then put a rubber band or a clip to keep the beads from falling.
There are other types of beading tools like these two, but basically the idea is the same:
The hair bead slyderBead threader

I haven’t found any of these three in any store near my house but you can easily use other tools meant for other purposes like a hair threader, normally used for hair extensions:
hair threader
Or a loop turner, a tool designed to turn a fabric tube inside out (it is more durable than a simple plastic beading tool):
loop turner 
Or something you can find in any pharmacy… a floss threader!!: floss threaderUsing a floss threader
If none of them suit you, you can easily make your own beading tool with a thin wire or a piece of fishing line.
This is how I make my favorite simple beading tool: I cut a string of fishing line, fold it in half, tie the ends with a knot and done!
simple beading tool
I then insert the beads in and put the braid through the loop (the black thread simulates the hair). Then I slide the beads with my fingers until they are all inside the hair. Since it’s so simple (and cheap) to make, I can have many of them ready with all the beads I’m going to use in the hairstyle I’m working on.
beading 1  beading 2
beading 3 beading 4beading 5: Finished! 

I can fill many braids quickly and easily with beads and end up with a hairstyle like this:

Feven's hairstyle

Happy beading!