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I take advantage of the little few moments I have and make some crafts with, and some times without, the kids.
Since I’m investing time to take care of Feven’s hair and learning to create some hairdos, I also make some accessories to put on her hair.
I’m working with polymer clay and making beads and barrettes; they are not hard to make and they look great.
I bought some clay and tools and first I’ve started with some simple crazy handcrafted beads with big holes so I can fit a decent thick braid inside.
These are the first beads:Beads
And this is how they look on her hair combined with cloth bands and little flower  clips:
Beads Beads
I also made some barrettes with polymer clay flowers:

And this is how they look on her hair:
The Incredible Clay I found a good starter book for sale at my local library at only 50 cents! (without the clay). It was written specially for children. I think it’s out of print, but there are many like that one.
I also bought another two polymer clay books with more “professional” techniques that will teach you how to make really cool things, specially if you are interested in making beads; The Art of Polymer Clay - Millefiori Techniques and Making Polymer Clay Beads.

The Art of Polymer clay - Millefiori Techniques Making Polymer Clay Beads

I will post about my progress with the polymer clay accessories.
In the meantime, Feven has her own ideas about arts and crafts…
She thinks it’s way cooler to paint her own skin than a piece of paper.
Water colors Water colors