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mini-Bantu knots
I’m not a pro at hair so I tend to choose easy styles. One of those, besides ponytails, afro puffs or simply loose hair with a headband, is the Bantu knots.
You don’t need great hair skills, only a child that will stay still for a short time or in my case, do as best as you can!
Feven moves a lot and Feromsa teases her all the time while I’m trying to do her hair. Even parting her hair is difficult!
Bantu knots are ideal for a hair that is not too short, not too long, so you can finish them in just a few minutes (ideally…). Feven’s hair is not very long yet, so her Bantu knots are pretty small, so I should call them mini-Bantu knots.
You just have to part the hair in as many sections as you want, or can, then twist each section and put a rubber band to hold the knot in place. And that’s it! Don’t forget to use some moisturizer or styling cream on the hair before making the knots.
There are many videos on YouTube about Bantu knots. I prefer the video of a fellow adoptive mom doing the hair of one of her daughters with Bantu knots: Happy girl hair