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Buenos Aires, Argentina: A view from our appartmentI haven’t been posting much lately, because we just got back from Argentina where we spent two weeks visiting with friends and family.
My old neighborhood remains just as I left it, not many things have changed. Even when it’s winter down there, we weren’t cold, it felt like spring to us. While I was walking outside only dressed with a light shirt, the local people had sweaters, heavy coats, wool hats and scarves!
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Feven riding the train "De la Costa" Buenos Aires, Argentina: Dylan & Feromsa riding the train "De la Costa" Since we arrived after the Soccer World Cup started in South Africa, and Argentineans are big fans of the sport, the city was quieter than usual because everybody was watching the matches on TV.
It was sad to see how hard life is for many Argentineans and how insecure the city has become. Besides, after living for so many years in a city like Portland, I have found Buenos Aires too noisy, dirty, and overcrowded.
But anyway, we had a great time and I hope we can travel again soon.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Old man feeding pidgeons by the railroad tracks