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Pelo bueno pelo malo
Have you seen the documentary “Good Hair”?
Well there is another film about African hair that revisits the subject. Actually I think it was made before the famous Chris Rock film. 
This is one is in Spanish and comes from Latin America, more precisely from the Dominican Republic, titled “Pelo bueno, pelo malo” (good hair, bad hair) and was directed by Miguel Parra.
The subject of the film is the same; the rejection of natural hair, the fight to straighten curly hair again and again, why women do it, etc.
Fortunately you can watch the film on YouTube in two parts: 1 and 2 .

Pelo bueno pelo malo, parte 1
Pelo bueno pelo malo, parte 2

There is another documentary online, “Negro‘” that also talks about the subject.
I recommend watching the whole series.

Negro Documentary