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One of the things I’ve recently changed in my blog is the List page. On that page I used to have a VERY long list of books, films and music related to things I usually talk about in my blog, but it was quite difficult to navigate.
Thanks to help from Miguel who kindly made a little program for me, the list is now more user friendly, you just click on the links on top to see what you are interested in, and they will appear below. I can also update the list more easily and it loads faster on the web.
I also decided to take down the Forum. The page had some problems and wasn’t working as planned and I don’t think it’s worth the effort to fix it.
I still have my Ethiopian Names and Amharic pages unfinished, I hope I can work on these soon too…
But one thing I’m very proud of is my Agenda page which I update almost everyday, specially for all Ethiopian related events.
I’m also preparing a giveaway. I thought a lot about it and I decided it would be like a gift of appreciation to my readers. Depending on how the first one goes, I might be keeping the giveaway ball rolling or not.
What do I plan to give away?
Handmade things I do myself at home and things related to Ethiopian and/or African culture, like music, films, books, etc. 
So stay tuned!

The Friendship by Chikawe Evarist  - Tanzania