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As I wrote in a previous post, there is a way to write words originally in the Latin alphabet with the Amharic characters using the sound of the words as a guide. It’s what’s called transliteration. It’s NOT a translation, but simply a way to use the symbols of the Amharic alphabet to write words in Spanish, English or any other language.
You can see this very often in the signs of Ethiopian shops outside Ethiopia. Here is an example:

Up to Date sign

Or this one:
 Desta market sign

Or the typical example of the Coca-Cola bottle:
Coca Cola

Miguel got the idea to write a program to do exactly this, where we can write any word and see its representation in Amharic symbols. You need to take into account that the relation between a letter of the Latin alphabet and a symbol in Feedel is not always exact and can be interpreted in various ways. Besides there is the fact that sometimes there is more than one symbol for the same sound.
Right now the "Amharic Machine" as Miguel calls it, transliterates words from English and Spanish to Amharic characters. It’s pretty useful for people’s names.
It’s totally free and if you want to try it you can go to amharicmachine.com and see the results that you get; it’s a way to play a little with the language and the characters.
Hope you like it, Miguel had a lot of fun working on it!