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I haven’t mentioned Amharic dictionaries yet. There are not too many to choose from, at least in the US. I have been using two of them: Concise Amharic Dictionary by Wolf Leslau and Amharic- English / English-Amharic Dictionary by Endale Zenawi.

Wolf Leslau Of these two, I prefer the dictionary by Wolf Leslau because it has a little introduction to the language and pronunciation, the printing is fine and easy to read and includes the pronunciation of the Amharic words in both sections.

The second one, edited by Endale Zenawi, is poorly printed which makes it difficult to read, specially for someone who is not yet Endale Senawifamiliarized with the symbols; it’s very easy to confuse similar letters. Besides the English - Amharic part doesn’t have the pronunciation of the Amharic words. It doesn’t include an explanation of how to use it or anything about Feedel, only a brief introduction about Ethiopia.

A. Zekaria There is another Amharic-English dictionary that has good reviews but I haven’t seen it yet. It’s the Dictionary Amharic-English / English-Amharic by A. Zekaria and it seems to have definitions in Amharic, so I guess you need to know very well the Feedel to use it.
There is also a very famous dictionary by Amsalu Aklilu that can be found in Amazon.com, but only the English-Amharic part. The Amharic-English section can only be bought in Ethiopia, so I guess I will have to travel there to get one ;-)
Lonely PLanet Guide There is also the Guide by Lonely Planet Ethiopian Amharic phrasebook by Tilahun Kebede and Catherine Snow, that it’s a concise book but the good thing about it that it also includes the writing in Feedel.
I don’t know of any Amharic-Spanish dictionary.

 Amsalu Aklilu
Amharic-English Dictionary Amsalu Aklilu
Amsalu Aklilu
English-Amharic Dictionary Amsalu Aklilu
Leonardo Oriolo
How to Say It: English, Amharic, Italian
Leonardo Oriolo
Daniel Worku Kassa
English-Amharic Dictionary  Daniel Worku Kassa

Regarding internet, there are some pages with online dictionaries. The most known is Amharic Dictionary, but there are also others:
Amharic Dictionary
Ethiopian Dictionary
English-Amharic dictionary  - you have to install the Amharic fonts to see this one
Amareegna le mengedegnawoch  - lots of pop-ups in this page :-(

I also wanted to clarify why I use the term Amharic to refer to the language of Ethiopia, because some people asked me about it. I know very well that Ethiopians call their language Amarinya oramarinya but since the most used term in the US is Amharic that’s why I prefer to use it, and Amharico in my Spanish version, simply because those who are looking for information on the Internet will probably use that term and is going to be easier to find my pages.
You will also find the name Amariña or Amarico in Spanish, Amarigna in English and Amarinha in Portuguese. These are all valid transliterations since there is not an only way to write it.