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I was thinking that a way to practice how much we know of the Amharic script is to try to read some words. First you need to recognize the symbols with their pronunciation and for those who want a greater challenge, with the help of a dictionary look it up for the meaning.
After that comes the challenge of speaking the language, but that is something more complicated that I can’t do from this blog…

For this first challenge, I’m going to start showing words taken from signs or newspapers in Amharic so you can try to read them or al least recognize the symbols. I’m going to give you some clues and if people show interest I will make this challenge harder over time.

Here goes the first photo, with an easy word:learning
The picture is about a girl learning in a classroom. The question is: What is written in the upper part of the chalkboard?

Here is a close up so you can read it better:

Have you guessed? Need a clue?

Did you guess?