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Amharic books for childrenIt’s been a while since I wrote a post about Amharic but I hope you can understand that lately we are more than busy here and I haven’t been able to study the language again.
The closest I am now to Amharic are the words I’m exchanging with Feromsa but I think he doesn’t know much, I’ve got the feeling that the little Amharic he knows he probably learned at the Toukoul and that he used to speak another language or dialect in the region where he comes from.
In some days I will go back to where I left, and I will also finish to post the list of Ethiopian names, so… a little bit of patience.
Amharic books for childrenWhen we were in Addis we looked for books in Amharic for kids (that also we can use) so to have something for when we know more of the language and we can read all together. We didn’t find too many bookstores in Addis and we also didn’t have too much time to search since we were focused on the children. In the small bookstores we found school material but most of it was in English and there was also some in the stores at the Post Office. I kind of regret not buying a visual Amharic dictionary that was there but at that time I thought it was kind of Amharic book about birdsexpensive…
The biggest bookstore we found in Addis Ababa is called Bookworld and it also had many books in English and books for adults in Amharic that I didn’t buy because I thought that to be able to read them I still have a lot ahead of me… maybe in the next visit.

But I did buy some children’s story books, one coloring book and another about birds from Ethiopia all of them in Amharic and some bilingual.
The life of Childhood CDsThe also had the children’s music CDs The life of Childhood, volume 2 and 3 with their accompanying books.
Volumen 1 can be found on the Internet, but not these other two.
The books are very cheap for tourists so if you are visiting Addis and are interested in learning the language don’t miss the chance to buy some books, at least the more simple ones. I’m also aware that there are Amharic classes in the city buy that will require to spend more time in Ethiopia.