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Alem: worldThe name of this month is Aläm  - ዓለም sometimes also written in Amharic characters as Our worldአለም and transliterated in Latin letters as ALEM
The meaning is "world" or “the world” and  is a noun that can be used as a name for men or women and it’s very often found in combination with another word to form a two-element name. 
But Alem not only means “world” in the sense of the “planet” or “universe” but also the term means “eternity” and it implies happiness and satisfaction. It’s also a generic word that depicts a great number of people or a defining influence.
There are many examples of two-element names, here some starting with the word Alem:

Name Pronunciation Meaning Amharic
AlemNeh (m)
You are the world ዓለምነህ
ዓለ ነሽ
Alemayehu (m) Alämayyähu I saw the world ዓለማየሁ
Alem Begrwa (f) Aläm Bägrwa The world under her foot ዓለ በግሯ
Aleme Werk (f) Alämä Wärk’ A world of gold ዓለ ወርቅ
Alem Seged (m) Aläm Sägäd The world bowed ዓለ ሰገድ

Here are some other names with the word Alem:

Name Pronunciation Meaning Amharic
Mulu Alem (m/f) Mulu’aläm Full, complete world ሙሉዓለ
Andualem (m) Andu’aläm The one world አንዱዓለ
Bezualem (m/f) Bïzu’aläm Abundant world ብዙዓለ
Banchi Alem (f) Banči Aläm By your world ባንቺ ዓለ
Wendimalem (m) Wändïmmaläm Brother of the world ወንድማለ
Yergalem (m) Yïrgaaläm May the world be calm! ይርጋለ


Bibliography: Amharic and Ethiopic Onomastics by Elias Yemane