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Censo 2010 - Argentina

You have probably noticed that I added in one of the of right columns a section dedicated to events related with the African community in Argentina. I have mentioned before how the Argentinean society has denied its African origins and many generations grew with the false idea that there where no black people in the country. Even when I’m not living currently in Argentina, I still have a strong connection to my native country. I follow many blogs related to the African community in Argentina and I’m aware of the current events.
One thing I wanted to mention is that this October 27th there is going to be a national Census and it’s going to be the first time in which the participants will be able to mention if they have African ancestry. I’m sure that the census will not be perfect, but I’m proud that finally Argentineans have stopped denying a reality and have started recognizing the big influence that Africans had on the country and the continent. This triumph has come thanks to the many Afro-Argentinean organizations and individuals that pushed for a reform, and that every day struggle with the obvious racism of Argentinean institutions.
I strongly believe that the only way to stop racism and discrimination is to recognize our differences, to give space to the different voices, cultures, and skin colors that live in a country.
If you are living in Argentina, I encourage you to participate in the census and to support the Afro Argentines in their fight for equality and recognition inside the Argentinean society.

I also want to mention that between October 16th  and October 24th, 2010, the first Afro Argentine Culture Festival will take place in the city of La Plata, Argentina.


Nengumbi Celestin Sukama Fundador y Presidente del Instituto Argentino para la Igualdad, Diversidad e Integración
Movimiento Afrocultural
Revista Quilombo
Comisión Permanente de Estudios Afroargentinos
Raices Yoruba
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