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I’ve just finished watching an online documentary about African women artists directed by Claudine Pommier, and although it merely scratches the surface, it gives a general view of the subject.
Art is a not very easy profession, doesn’t matter your genre and location, but it’s extremely difficult for women living outside the Western world. 
There are not only economic constraints, but also cultural ones that play against women who want to follow their artistic vocation.
In many African societies, tradition dictates that art is something only reserved for men and a woman painter, for example, is not well regarded.
African women living in a more conservative environment only have the chance to express their art through certain cultural traditions like house painting and decorating, and utilitarian crafts as pottery or weaving.
The big modern African cities, however, are more welcoming of art made by women where tradition gives way to contemporary views and techniques.
African women artists are as diverse as the continent of Africa, so it’s impossible to generalize. However there are certain subjects that are more common among African women, like social observations, the role of women in Africa, health, women oppression, rituals, etc. Women art seems to be more focus in the body.
This documentary features some African women artists from South Africa, Burkina Faso, Congo, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon and Benin. The art displayed goes from traditional house painting or puppet making, to more contemporary trends like photography or video art.
Unfortunately there are no Eastern African women showcased in the film, probably due to the constraints of filming in such a huge continent.
Doing a quick research, I discovered that there are few books about African women artists. It’s not a problem about producing art but about reaching the public with their work.
I know that there are many Ethiopian women making art, though most of them became known after emigrating to the west like Aida Muluneh, Julie Mehretu, Elisabeth T. Atnafu or Etiye Dimma Poulsen. I’m sure there are many more working in their countries everyday, even if we don’t have the information about them.

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