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Mickaël Bethe-SelassieI’ve just learned that Ethiopian artist Mickaël Bethe-Selassie who I wrote about before, has a new exhibition coming up in the Netherlands on May 30th.
I love his work and after writing about him he was so kind to invite me to his studio in Paris. We planned on going there last December when we took a family vacation in Europe, but several things conspired against it. We arrived in London during the terrible snow storm that wreak havoc all over Europe and mostly all means of transportation were cancelled between London and Paris. When we finally got the chance to reach France, Feromsa got sick and we lost a couple of days going to the doctor, which was quite an adventure since our French is not very good and the doctor spoke very little English and absolutely no Spanish. By when he recovered, it was time to go back home and our chances to visit Mickaël Bethe-Selassie studio evaporated. Maybe next time… but never again in winter!
Going back to the exhibition, it will take place at the Huijs Basten Asbeck Gallery in the town of town Groenlo in the Netherlands and will run from May 30th to June 30th of this year. If you live in that country or in Europe, maybe you can pay a visit and enjoy his wonderful art.

Mickaël Bethe-Selassie