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Changing Addis
We’ve just returned a few days ago but it seems like an eternity. Between the cultural differences, the time zone, the jet lag, the new family configuration, etc., each day seems to last a week.
The first adjustment took place in Ethiopia during the week I spent with my two daughters. At times it was a bit hard, but nothing beyond what I expected, and now at home we have to build a new family of six.
My new daughter is extremely intelligent and that helps a lot. She learns things quickly, she’s not afraid of challenges, and is hungry for knowledge. She surprises me at every moment; she’s witty, funny, and very active.
It’s my first time adopting an older child and I’m learning how to handle things minute by minute. Fortunately I have plenty of experience as a mother and specially as an adoptive parent.
I’m quite busy but I miss my blog.
Hopefully in a few days, when things settle down, I will have more time to write.