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Since we are in the month of September already, the name I chose is Adäyአደይ, which in Latin letters transliterates as ADEY
Adey flowers 
Adey is the name of the yellow daisies (also called Adey Abeba - Bidens Macroptera) that bloom around September/October after the rainy season when the Ethiopian New Year and the Feast of Meskel arrive, that is why they are also called Meskel (Mäsk’äl – መሰቀል) flowers.
It’s a girl’s name and symbolizes the closure of a bad experience in the family and the coming of prosperity and good fortune.

Meskel Flowers

Curiously there is also a name Adey used in the western world. It is of German origin, it is a diminutive of Adelaide and it means “noble kind”

Bibliography: Amharic and Ethiopic Onomastics by Elias Yemane