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Hi! My name is Alicia. This blog was born out of the desire to know more about Ethiopian culture, since two of my children were born in the beautiful country of Ethiopia. Besides writing about Ethiopian culture and news, I also want to learn more about adoption, race, and African American culture in general. This blog has a little bit of all of that. I don’t pretend to have the absolute truth about anything I write about, only to think and learn.

I usually post links to other sites that I have personally researched or tried as in the case of stores, however I don’t gain anything from it. It is just a way to provide information to people that might be interested in the same stuff. The only exception are the links to products sold by Amazon.com for which I receive a small referral fee taht helps me keep this site running.

You can’t reproduce original content from this site unless I give you permission. If you want to get in touch with me about this blog, this is my e-mail address: alicia (at) limbo13 (dot) com


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