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500 posts

When I started writing this blog, it was mainly to chronicle our adoption story. Overtime it took a life of its own. I have no idea how that happened, and even though I’m the one writing it, I feel that I don’t have control over it, you could say that it developed its own soul.
I have seen many blogs come and go since I’ve started writing, it’s hard work to keep a blog updated, to come up with news and ideas to write about without repeating yourself or re-posting what others have already written.
I don’t pretend to be original or unique, only to write down my journey of discovering African and Ethiopian culture while I discover myself at the same time. My posts come from my daily experiences, things I do, things I read that interest me; that’s why I have a broad variety of subjects covered in my blog: adoption, African culture, art, race, Ethiopian culture, etc. I don’t want to feel limited to write about only one thing and since I’m no expert in any of theses subjects, I’m open to other opinions and willing to learn from other perspectives. My posts , although they might look short, usually have a considerably amount of research behind them.
I invite the reader to discover alongside with me all the subjects I explore by keeping an open mind. I have my own opinions, which I often share here, but I try not to invalidate other views since I know that canceling other people’s voices generates rage, hate and prejudice. When I don’t agree with something, I explain why with respect.
I write about what I like and when I want to. The blog moves at the same pace I move, that’s why sometimes it takes several days to post while others I do it more frequently.
However, I’ve reached the 500 posts milestone!
500 posts might not seem like much, but for me it is. 500 times I sat in front of my computer to type my discoveries, 1000 times to write down my thoughts in English and then in Spanish, almost 4 years of reading and moderating comments, and I don’t know how many hours, I haven’t counted them, to read, research, update the blog agenda, change or create links.
This blog has given me so many things, one of them new friends I would have never met if it wasn’t for this site.
I’m a very shy person and not an English native speaker, therefore I express myself much better in writing than in person, that’s why I’m grateful to be able to share my thoughts through this blog.
This blog is a true work of love, I love writing it and hope to keep doing it for a long time. Human hearts are volatile, things we love today, we hate tomorrow and we tire easily from people and things. We also live in an age where nothing lasts, and our attention span is so short that we can only concentrate for minutes in one task, so something that takes days, years or a whole life is doomed to fail.
I mourn every time a blog I love shuts down, specially those written from the heart without intentions of financial gain, just for the pure pleasure of writing and sharing, but I have no control over other sites.
On my part, I have many projects ahead, things I want to do and explore, and I want to share them with you so you can also feel encouraged to discover your own path in life.
Let’s make a toast then for the 500 posts and for the years of discovery that will come!!
And thank you for reading.