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21st Cascade Festival of African Films

And they did it again!
The new edition of the Cascade Festival of African Films is coming next month to Portland, Oregon. What I meant by saying that they did it again, is that the wonderful people that organize this festival were able to create this event for FREE for the 21st time! That’s 21 years of hard work to bring wonderful movies from the African continent to the Pacific NW. This festival was already in place way before many other famous ones in the USA, so the people responsible for it are truly pioneers of what now is common to see all over the country and world.
This year the event has some great movies to watch and first on my list is, of course, one movie coming from Ethiopia. The famous film The Athlete about the life of Abebe Bikila will be shown on February 17th and 18th.
But there are other films I don’t want to miss, like A screaming man/ Un homme qui crie which will open the Festival on February 4th and as a special treat, the film director, Mahamet-Saleh Haroun, will be present to discuss and answer questions about his film.
Another one I want to see is the documentary Burning in the Sun about a man who returns to his native country Mali, to build solar panels to provide affordable energy to rural communities.
I feel so grateful to be able to attend this festival for free in my own city. In a world where everything revolves around money, these kind of cultural events are a blessing. Please support this Festival.
The Festival runs from February 4th to March 5th, and to see the complete list of films and their times go to the Festival calendar page .

The Athlete