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20th Cascade Festival of African FilmsBefore it’s too late, I wanted to remind all of you who live in the Portland area (Oregon, USA) that between February and March 2010, the 20th Cascade Festival of African Films will take place in our city.
This year the Festival will show 23 films and the opening night is on February 5th 2010 at the Historic Hollywood Theater at 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR.
I specially mention this date, since the Festival will be opening with the only Ethiopian film of this year, Teza, and the director of the film, Haile Gerima will be also present in the theater. I wrote about this film before, but this is the first time that I will actually be able to watch it.
There are other films I would like to watch, if I can manage with the kids.  I’m interested in watching Paris or Nothing, Sex, Okra and Salted butter (from the director of Dry season), and Nothing but the Truth.
There is also a film from Uruguay, Adios Momo that I won’t be able to watch due to the showing time, so I already have it in my Netflix queue.  ;-)
Besides Haile Gerima, three other directors will also attend the Festival; John Kani, Josephine Ndagnou, and George Amponsah.
I should mention that this Festival is totally FREE, and run only by volunteers that were able to carry out this event for 20 years already! Congratulations! Your dedication it’s truly appreciated.
Mark your calendars, I will see you at the opening night!